Catherine Halkett

Catherine Halkett, born and raised in Calgary, has been involved in the Not for Profit sector for over 35 years. She has experience running a number NPO’s including a Community Association facility, a social service agency, and enjoys working with a large variety of community organizations and sport organizations on such things as By-Laws, Grant Applications and Governance. Catherine is recently retired from her Executive Advisor role with Sport Calgary, and is currently consulting non-profit organizations.

Sport Calgary
Calgary Sport Council collaborates with Calgary’s sport organizations, facilities and other stakeholders to enhance sport in Calgary. We strive to raise awareness of the value of sport and the opportunities available for Calgarians to participate in sport activities.

By identifying and making recommendations based on the needs and priorities of the sport community we strive to advance sport in Calgary.
Calgary Sport Council is pleased to be the voice for all sport in Calgary and will continue to use this voice to advocate in the best interest of sport for our city.
We provide opportunities for youth (ages 6-12) and adults of any age, to free opportunities to try sport and recreational activities they have not tried before, with the intent of keeping Calgarians active. We also recognize contribution to sport by businesses and individuals in the community who help and influence the growth of port in Calgary.

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