Luiza Campos

Luiza Campos has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing brand strategies in North America.

Luiza has worked with a variety of organizations in many different industries. From major international companies such as General Electric, to start ups and non-profits. The need to clearly articulate the value of an organization and connect in effective ways to their audience is the same for every organization regardless of size, industry or market.

In 2010, Luiza founded marca strategy, a company focused in helping organizations discover or rediscover who they are, why they matter and how to connect with their audience in meaningful ways.

Luiza believes in the power of storytelling.

“Great organizations are more than products or services and a healthy bottom line, they are driven by a purpose. These organizations are not just different – they create difference and meaning to their audience and that’s the story we need to capture and tell.”

Luiza has been working with the Calgary Foundation for over 5 years, helping non-profits tell their stories in a highly compelling and effective way.  She is a coach in Fast Pitch by Social Venture Partners, and she has worked with over 40 Calgary non-profits organizations, providing her with a in depth understanding of the challenges and needs of non-profits.

  • Company:Marca Strategy
  • Short Bio:Founder
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