Anti-Racism and Equity is for Everyone

We’re living in a moment of racial reckoning. Since the murder of George Floyd, the scale of Black Lives Matter protests, from grassroots organizations to registered charities, individuals and community organizers must consider what this cultural revolution is asking of us.  Many nonprofits are wondering how they can best respond to this moment and how they can hold themselves accountable to their Black, Indigenous, and racialized community members. But taking action is not easy, and many may be paralyzed into inaction. In this session, we will talk about why taking action to address racism is critical for nonprofits to do, and how to overcome the barriers and challenges they may encounter as they begin this work.

In this 2-hour session we will discuss:

  • Anti-racism and accountability to community can develop as emergent strategy
  • How prioritizing equity, accessibility and intersectionality serves all of us

Important note: In this session, we will be talking about race, racism, racialization, and white supremacy directly and openly. This may be uncomfortable for some attendees, and that’s ok. The purpose of this session is to walk into our discomfort around racism and learn how we can better understand it together. The facilitators ask that all attendees adhere to their “Accountable Spaces Guidelines” (which will be introduced in the session). Sincere questions that seek to build understanding are welcome, but discrimination of any form will not be tolerated within the session.