Boards with Staff: Roles and Relationships

An effective board, committed to a common vision and skilled in strategic leadership and planning, is perhaps the greatest asset of a non-profit organization. A dedicated, talented staff (for those non-profits who have them) and volunteers are critical components of the team, and they are able to show the greatest leadership in the organization when the board provides strong focus and policy direction.

Governing boards carry the ultimate responsibility for the organization’s purpose, continuity, progress, and identity, and carry out this function by establishing, directing, and influencing the implementation of policy. The senior staff person in the organization, often an Executive Director, is the employee of the board and is responsible for managing and implementing the policy direction established by the board. Other staff members and volunteers are responsible for implementation under the direction of the Executive Director.

It is not unusual for roles to become less than clear, or for board-staff relationships to lack the clarity and understanding necessary for an effective board/staff partnership.

This session will include learning, discussion, and exploration of these critical roles and relationships. Participants will also have an opportunity to participate in some hands-on discussions to stretch their thinking.

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