Bylaws – the other member of your Board – and how to make them work for you

This workshop will discuss the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Bylaws: how you can understand them and have them support, not limit, the work that you do.

Prepare to do a little magic as you learn about the boundaries and limitations you can place on an organization, as well as the opportunities and windows you can open, by providing your organization with well thought out, timely, and yet ageless Bylaws (and associated Objects).

The workshop will answer these questions and statements:

  • How often should we review our Bylaws and Objects?
  • What are Objects and why aren’t they part of the Bylaws?
  • Can we change Bylaws any time we need or want to?
  • When should we just throw them out and start again?
  • Our Bylaws are twenty years old and we don’t need to look at them, we know what we do, right?
  • Our Bylaws were written last year and I don’t think we need to look at them yet, right?
  • How do we write bylaws once, well, so we don’t have to do this every year?

Have a question about your Bylaws? Bring them along to the workshop!