Qualities and Characteristics of Effective Boards

Why is it that some boards function like a well-oiled machine and others break down frequently? Why do some boards have a waiting list of potential board members and others are seen as the last group you would ever want to join, even if your life depended on it? What are the things that are holding your board back and what can you do about them? What kind of leadership works best on a board and how can you develop it? How can your board adapt and thrive as your organization grows or shrinks, people join or leave, or new dynamics come into play?

Join the Coordinator of the Board Development Program, Joel Christianson, as he explores these questions, shares some of the wisdom he and the Program have gathered over the years, and interviews some seasoned veterans to get their thoughts as well on what it takes to be an effective board.


  • Jennifer Banks-Doll, Community Development Unit, Alberta Culture and Tourism

Guest Speakers:

  • Marc Doll, Past President, Marda Loop Communities Association
  • Deb Kocay, Volunteer Instructor, Board Development Program

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