Building Corporate Relationships: A Toolkit for Nonprofits

Building meaningful relationships with community partners is an important factor for nonprofit organizations looking to achieve both specific project or program goals and long-term sustainability.  Taking the time to establish and manage relationships is about more than securing financial support, it is about building trust and confidence in your organization with partners who share your goals.  These effective relationships are based on each partner contributing to the success of the other and discovering new opportunities to meet community needs together.  Building Corporate Relationships – A Toolkit for Nonprofits has been created to assist nonprofit organizations in their efforts to build relationships with the corporate sector and while this is the focus, the same approach can be helpful in building new or enhancing existing funding relationships with individual donors, foundations, government and other organizations.

The workshop will walk participants through the Toolkit’s  Five Key Steps and offer an opportunity for questions and discussion.  The Five Key Steps are as follows:

  • Define who you are and why your organization exists
  • Explain what your project is and what benefits it will deliver
  • Identify potential donors
  • Communicate for success
  • Strengthen your relationships

Click Here for the Handout from Julie Friesen