Impacts of Intergenerational Trauma: Why there is a need for Indigenous specific programming and support

Workshop Objectives:

“Impacts of Intergenerational Trauma” will touch on the current realities facing Indigenous communities and increase awareness on the need for specific, Indigenous cultural supports in service delivery. This workshop will explore the legacy historical processes and policies continue to have on Indigenous People and provide suggested ways participants can heal together from these impacts.

Workshop Content Highlights

Highlights of this workshop will include:

  • Participants will engage in an interactive presentation that allows them to learn about and look at Intergenerational trauma from a different perspective; a personal perspective
  • Opportunities to participate in a dialogue of questions around providing support to Indigenous children, youth and families will also be provided
  • Participants will experience an interactive activity that endeavours to articulate what intergenerational trauma looks like today using play-doh
  • Through the information presented, participants will be moved and motivated to work towards a better understanding of how to best offer, plan and deliver impactful Indigenous programming
  • Participants will hear from a personal perspective as well as view three video clips that emphasize the impacts of history on Indigenous people in Canada and context on the importance of moving towards reconciliation


There were no handouts for this session