“Make Sense” or How to Properly Manage Those Dollars: Interactive Presentation

Chartered Accountant, PhD Candidate, Entrepreneur, and Professor Cliff Spyker, and MBA, Community Development Officer, and former Executive Director Stuart Clark will provide a friendly and accessible introduction to an often intimidating topic: financial management for non-profits.  Through the use of a financial terms glossary, a financial fitness checklist, and financial mismanagement scenarios many of us will recognize, Cliff and Stuart will give us a sense of what we all need to know in order to feel comfortable in our roles as board members and leaders of organizations.  This interactive presentation will help you to decide which workshops to attend in the afternoon in order to make some progress on the road to financial literacy for yourself and for your organization.

Click Here for the presentation by Stuart Clark and Cliff Spyker

Click Here for Handout 1: Financial Terms Glossary

Click Here for Handout 2: Financial Fitness Checklist