Lunch and Panel Discussion: “Challenges and Trends in the Non-Profit Sector”

While you eat lunch, you will hear from a panel of 3 highly respected leaders and experts in the non-profit sector in Calgary regarding what they see as the top challenges and trends in the non-profit sector today.  Then you will have a chance to ask some questions and have a discussion with all of the conference participants.  This time together will give you a chance to learn what is happening in the sector as a whole and think about how it might be relevant to your organization.  It’s sure to be a provocative session!

Moderator: Mike Grogan, VP of Programs and Operations, Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

  • Marichu Antonio, Executive Director, Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary
  • Leslie Evans, Executive Director, Federation of Calgary Communities
  • James Stauch, Director, Institute for Nonprofit Studies, Mount Royal University