“Make Dollars” or How to Fund Your Work: Panel Presentation and Discussion

Our first keynote will showcase 4 different perspectives on how to make the dollars you need to do your work.  Each speaker will provide some key things for you to think about and discuss at your table with your fellow participants.  At the end you will have a chance to pose questions to the panel.  They will also stick around during the networking break for some one-on-one discussion with participants.  The topics we will explore include:

  • “Networks and Relationships: It really is all about who you know” with Karen Ball, Certified Fund Raising Executive
  • “Focusing on Mission and Developing Your Message” with Dani DeBoice, Director of Corporate Citizenship, First Calgary Financial
  • “Sources of Income for Non-Profits: Donations/Gifts, Grants, Contracts, and Sales” with Stuart Clark, Community Development Officer, Community Development Unit, Alberta Tourism and Culture
  • “The Non-Profit Perspective: Important Considerations and Ideas for Raising Funds” with Janice Kelner, Unexus Management Services and Former Executive Director of Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise

Click Here for the Presentation by Karen Ball

Click Here for the Presentation by Stuart Clark

Click Here for the Handout from Stuart Clark: Diversification Tool

Click here for the Presentation by Janice Kelner

Click Here for a Handout from Janice Kelner