Preparing for your AGM

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a valuable opportunity for your organization to engage members more deeply in your cause and activities.  It is an occasion for the board to report on your current direction, progress, achievements, milestones, and financial health.  Your AGM is also the time to revitalise the organization through the official engagement of members into elected positions.

This session will provide tips to help you make your AGM a positive, invigorating experience, ensuring that people go away firmly committed to the organization and its purpose.  It will cover a variety of topics, including: preparing for your AGM, legal requirements, getting people out to the meeting, agendas, special resolutions, quorum, officer and committee reports, annual report, elections, chairing, minutes, rules of order, guest speakers, and socializing. Participants will be provided with AGM planning checklists and sample agendas.

Power Point Presentation for this Workshop