Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Organisations take decisions on strategic and financial investments using conventional financial metrics. However most organisations impact various social and environmental aspects without measuring the cost versus benefit of their decisions. The Introduction to SROI workshop combination provides an overview of the benefits; techniques and metrics organisations can use to improve their investments and decision making.

Workshop learning outcomes
Upon completion of the Introduction to SROI workshop the attendants will be able to:
• Understand what social return on investment (SROI) means
• Understand how SROI can help
• Apply a basic model of SROI based on simple examples

Workshop agenda
• Introduction & Icebreaker
• What is financial ROI?
• What is SROI and its purpose?
• Current SROI standards
• Principles of SROI
• Challenges & Opportunities
• Example basic SROI calculation
• Case Study & group SROI exercise
• Q&A
During the SROI workshop there are various interactive sessions where people will work in groups and have group engagements. The icebreaker will require the participants to work in pairs. Later in the workshop there will be a group exercise, teams of 4 to 5 to go through an example SROI exercise followed by question and answer session.