Carmen Sparrow

Carmen Sparrow, MBA has been active in Calgary’s non-profit sector more for than 17 years, serving as a board member, executive director, facilitator and consultant. Combining her previous private sector background with her non-profit and international sector experience, Carmen has gained many insights into the rewards, opportunities and challenges of leading and managing non-profit organizations.

Her experience spans a broad range of non-profit sectors including Community Economic Development and Social Enterprise, Social Services and Social Development, Women’s Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods, and the international Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector.

About Sparrow Consulting

Carmen is an independent consultant working with organizations to build their capacity to achieve their mission and impact. Her areas of work include Organizational Governance, Strategy Development and Business Planning, Outcome and Impact Planning, Partnership Development, and Communications and Resource Mobilization strategy. Her goal is to help organizations achieve impact and sustainability by integrating social, economic and environmental goals and strategies.

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Cell: (403) 988-6204



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