Chas Young

Business. Social business. Every business can and should be a social business. This is what Chas believes. She’s been in business since her early 20’s (so almost 2 years, or maybe 20) and has a heart bigger than her business experience. At one point, her business coach suggested her business be a charity. Which got her thinking about this new concept of social business. And that was early in 2010’s. From there she’s worked in poverty reduction with charities around the world, which has even deepened her love of social business. Now Chas uses her education and experience in business coupled with a huge passion to help create an equal society to lead the Thrive Accelerator program. For more info on the program, go to… If you want to have coffee with Chas to figure out how to grow your business and how you and your business can give back to the community, email [email protected].


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