Darcy Shenfield

Darcy Shenfield is an Authenticity Coach and Founder of BWYA Coaching. He is an Authenticity Coach for Individuals and Leadership Teams. Darcy has a deep passion for inspiring people to discover and live who they truly are, both in their personal lives and in their workplace. He posits that this authenticity is the key to game-changing and long-lasting personal and organizational leadership.

His depth in the field of Authenticity includes 30 years of walking the talk, 15 years of coaching and 2 years of a PhD focused on self-actualization and bringing forward the whole employee at work. Clients say his greatest talent is truly seeing who you are, inspiring you and your organization’s transformation to full leadership potential.

Along with coaching, Darcy’s experience since 1984 includes consulting in technology and management, owning a wholesale floor matting company, leading a film editing company, and developing real estate.

BWYA Coaching 

BWYA Coaching is an Authenticity Leader, creating advanced thought and methodology for converging human essence and human living. Our proprietary Integrate You Cycle and Integrate We Cycle enable client authenticity and leadership.

BWYA Coaching is the practice of a coach and a client creating genuine results together. The coach is the catalyst and the client is the engine. Whether the client is a person or an organization’s leadership team, we discover who you are, what you want, and how to make that happen. The result is that you will Be Who You Are.

Through one-on-one coaching, individuals find this authenticity of Being Who You Are is a direct path to happiness and fulfillment. Through workshop programs, leadership teams discover this authenticity of Being Who We Are is a direct path to full engagement, innovation and performance.

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