Heidi Miller Zerr

Heidi Miller Zerr is a founder and partner with impact8 Inc. and has more than twenty-five years of experience as a nonprofit agency leader and consultant. Heidi holds a Master of Continuing Education in Leadership and Development and is a Certified Practitioner of Leadership Through Learning by MHA Institute. Heidi and her partners at impact8 provide support for organizational transitions in nonprofits and charities, with a focus on achieving organizational success through the waves of change.

About Impact 8 Inc.

impact8 Inc. is committed to the success of the nonprofit sector, supporting nonprofit organizations in developing an appropriate balance of mission focus and business practice to achieve sustainable service to the community. Recognizing both the strengths and challenges of the sector, we assist individuals, organizations, subsectors and the sector as a whole to increase community impact.

Contact info

Phone: 587-880-4713

Email: Heidi@impact8.ca

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