Jill Petrovic

Jill is known for building collaboration and breaking down barriers. She demonstrates an integrated approach to philanthropy and genuine passion for the non-profit sector.  Her proven track record extends across sectors such as non-profit, energy, retail, agriculture and agency work. She served as Director, Philanthropy and Engagement with Alzheimer Calgary and her strategy led to significant increases in revenues and an expanded supporter base. She was also involved in the start up of Dementia Network Calgary and in creating the dementia strategy for Alberta.

Jill has earned multiple awards across Canada and North America.

She graduated from our own University of Calgary with a double degree in communication and psychology and is a member of both AFP and IABC professional associations.

Jill is a certified CMP (Communication Management Professional) through the International Association of Business Communicators. She has been vocal as an impact speaker with United Way and provided a feature story for the 2017 “I am Calgary” campaign.

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