Luiza Campos

Luiza Campos has over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing brand strategies in North America.

Luiza has worked with a variety of organizations in many different industries. From major international companies, to start ups and non-profits.

Every organization, regardless of size, industry or market have the need to clearly articulate its value and connect in effective ways with their audiences. In 2010, Luiza founded marca strategy, a company focused in helping organizations discover or rediscover who they are and connect with their audience in meaningful ways.

Since founding marca strategy, Luiza has been working with many non-profits, to help them tell their stories in a highly compelling and effective way. Her extensive work with non-profit organizations, has provided Luiza with an in depth understanding of the specifics challenges and needs of non-profits.

Luiza believes in the power of storytelling as she has seen the results it creates. As she puts it… “Great organizations are more than the services they provide, they understand that their true value is not how they are different but rather the difference they create. Their audiences engage with them not because of what they do or how they do it but because of “why” they do it and that’s the story we need to capture and tell.”


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