Nancy Murdoch

After finishing her Associate in Financial Management diploma, Nancy worked in accounting in the private sector before going to work for the public accounting firm of Doane Raymond/Grant Thornton in 1995.  After urging by the managing partners there to enroll in the School of Chartered Accountancy to obtain the Chartered Accountant designation, she passed the Uniform Final Exam in 2001 and was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia in 2002.

Nancy obtained a manager position with the firm Mackay LLP in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories where she developed extensive expertise audit in the not-for-profit sector.   Upon relocating to Calgary, she became as senior manager at WGD LLP in a downtown office and from there moved to a similar position closer to home with Catalyst LLP in High River for several years.

Nancy has had her own public practice specializing in audit of not for profit entities since May 2010 working with the Federation of Calgary Communities.

  • Company:Federation of Calgary Communities
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