Stephanie Sokolowski

Stephanie works for the Federation of Calgary Communities, which is the support organization for over 200 not-for-profits in Calgary including the 150 Calgary community associations. Stephanie’s role is the Building Safe Communities Coordinator. She works closely with community associations to support resident led strategies on crime prevention, safety and community engagement. Her work includes developing resources and free public workshops to support safe and vibrant communities.

Stephanie is a native Calgarian who enjoys working with people and volunteering her time. She began volunteering for her community association when she was 10 years old, delivering the community newsletter. Stephanie values community spirit and is now working on decorating and installing a Little Free Library in front of her house for all her neighbours to enjoy. What is a Little Library? Well, it is a library that is little and free! The idea is to take a book and leave a book for a neighbour to pick up and enjoy. Stephanie hopes the Little Free Library will be a gathering place where neighbours can get to know one another.

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