Tracey Braun

Tracey took on the role of Membership Coordinator for the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations in September 2014 to create and promote stronger networks between individuals, organizations, businesses, and government agencies within the nonprofit sector. Her previous work within the Calgary nonprofit sector over the last 20+ years has included contracts for community building, organizational management, web development, fundraising, and academic research.

In addition to her work for CCVO, Tracey currently manages Calgary Carshare, sits on several boards and committees, and provides nonprofit consulting services when time permits. She is an active media spokesperson as the Calgary coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project and for the carshare co-operative sector in Canada.

A published author, Tracey recently completed her M.A. in community development and is currently researching topics related to the history of women’s activism in Canada, some of which will be presented as part of a panel on Calgary’s Pagan history this fall.

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